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Hamilton Gault’s service in the Boer Wars, hardened his ambitions for a further career in the military. His performance during the campaigns secured him a recommendation for a commission in the British regular army, a path he was eager to pursue. 

Mrs. Marguerite (Stephens) Gault 
Gault arrived in England however, only to be turned away by the British forces. In the demobilization process following the campaigns in Africa, the British military had too many officers to be able to offer Gault a place among its ranks. Disheartened but not willing to forgo his career, Gault returned to Montreal and re-joined the 5th Royal Scots. 
In 1904, Gault married Marguerite Claire Stephens, the daughter of another wealthy Montreal family. Marguerite 
shared Gault’s love for the outdoors.

In August 1912 by the age of 30, Hamilton Gault gained full control of his inheritance estate.  It was estimated that his net worth at this time was $1,750,000. Today, Gault’s fortune would be worth approximately $40,000,000. 
Now a respected Captain in the Canadian military, Gault recognized that the turmoil in Europe would soon become a crisis. If war was to come, Gault was determined to take part. 
Gault was aware however, that his position in the militia regiment would slow any part he was to play in the war. As a reserve officer, Gault was not guaranteed to have a fighting role at the outset of the conflict. Further, it was expected that the conflict would be short. As the militia was ill equipped, Gault worried the Canadians would not be ready in time to serve before the conflict came to and end. 
Hamilton Gault, Pre-War