Friday, 24 October 2014


When he had arrived at Plymouth, Agar Adamson was finally able to mail the letters he'd been writing to Mabel on the journey overseas. Rather than find a letter waiting for him in return though, he received a cable with astonishing news. He would see Mabel in person long before his letters would actually reach her. The cable announced that their son Rodney was in boarding school in St. Catherine's, Ontario and Mabel and Anthony were in New York ready to board the 'Mauretania' for a cross-Atlantic voyage to England.

Bustard Camp, Salisbury Plains.
24 October 1914.

My dear Mabel,

I can not make out from your cable whether it is you alone or your mother and the children who are coming from Canada. I wired you from Plymouth "What are you coming over about" have received no answer. By your last letter the 9th of Oct. you say Mrs. Cawthra is leaving at the end of this month.

We are scattered all over Salisbury Plains under canvas. Weather wet and cold, troops cheerful under most trying conditions. Most of the Canadian contingent will be here (by order) till middle of January. We were warned two days ago to be ready to leave in 10 days. I was in ton last week for a night looking after Mess affairs. We are pretty hard worked, but some leave is coming to us before we go. I have all your letters, some written to Levis.

If you really want me to go and see you in London, telegraph or write to me and I will try and manage leave, the more notice you give me the better, as all officers have to take their turns so as not to, too much interfere with ordinary regimental training.

I am fit and well,

Agar Adamson.