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Rather than stay with the other troops who were still learning basic soldiering skills, Farquhar felt his men were fit for service and wanted his Regiment assigned to immediate action. After much lobbying to the British authorities in Whitehall, General Alderson finally agreed and recommended their 'early dispatch to the theatre of war'. The Patricias were detached to the 80th Brigade, 27th Imperial Division, British Army.

War Diary entry: 

Sat, Nov 14, 1914, Bustard Camp, Salisbury Plain, England
14.11.14. Orders received from Bn to move to WINCHESTER

Sun, Nov 15, 1914, Bustard Camp, Salisbury Plain, England
15.11.14. Advanced party under Lieutenants (F.) FITZGERALD and (M.S.) DE BAY moved to WINCHESTER

"On November 15 the P.P.C.L.I.'s received orders to pack all blankets in bundles of ten, and all kits, and  make ready to leave for Winchester, twelve miles from Southampton. Southampton is a city of about 120,000 inhabitants and is on the southeast coast of England. As the Pats were leaving Bustard  Camp, the 1st Brigade of the Canadian Army lined the route of our march for perhaps five miles in the direction of Amesbury. As the battalion approached each of their brother battalions gave three rousing, rhythmic, army cheers. The circling hills echoed and reechoed with this enthusiastic farewell as " Pat’s Pets" marched by with their usual "swank" and cockiness. Little did they realize that they were listening to the last Canadian cheers that most of them would ever hear."

Quoted from the book, "Mopping Up", written by Lieutenant Jack Monroe PPCLI